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Direct pr lube

What is Direct PR Lube?

When we tell you we can make HP Brine faster, slicker, and lower torques than OBM.  We mean it.  Because we do it daily and we've done it for years.  


Our proprietary PR Lube has been lab created and field proven to be the lowest coefficient of friction additive on the market.  Combing it with a diesel emulsion system  we have created a system that not only lowers cost on high risk wells, but proves economical for normal development drilling.  We have also worked on blending with OBM and have lowered our OBM lubricity by 40%! 

Direct PR Lube reduces friction of the drilling fluid, thereby reducing torque and drag created by the drill-string. Direct PR Lube decreases the system’s static and dynamic friction, improving weight transfer to the bit when slide and rotational drilling.  Scientifically developed using continuous improvement techniques, Direct PR Lube provides performance and cost benefits over competing products. 

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